PHI Nutrition 2020 by PHI Nutrition @ Melita Fitness
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PHI Nutrition 2020

The No Nonsense Nutrition Programme that works!
Enrollment is closed

Have you ever felt confused and frustrated by all the conflicting "diet" advice out there?

I bet you have! And you are not alone...

Keto, Paleo, Low Carb,  Low Fat, Intermittent Fasting... When did eating become so complicated? 

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way... And this course will show you how!

  • Master nutrition basics, learn to distinguish truths vs myths and how to cut through all the confusion.
  • Understand the psychology driving your eating habits, understand what is holding you back, and crucially how to release yourself from these constraints.
  • Figure out “What” you should be eating for optimal health.
  • Importantly, understand “How” to create an environment where it is possible to apply the “What” consistently.

It includes:
  • Knowledge, you will learn the most important aspects of Nutrition in a no-nonsense method, so that you’ll never fall for a fad diet again.
  • Lifestyle changes, we will agree the best bang-for-your-buck changes for you to implement, so that you see results.
  • Mindset work, because understanding your relationship with food is vital to your success.
  • Inspiration, with lots of simple yet healthy and delicious recipes for you try, so you're never stuck with "what shall I cook" again. 
  • Check ins, every week, so that I hold you accountable to these changes and support you when you need it.

Who is it for?

It is for YOU, if you:
  • Struggle with knowing what to eat.
  • Start the week, every week, with great intentions, only to find you’ve eaten all the biscuits by Tuesday.
  • Are totally confused whether you should be eating low fat / low carb / low kcal / fasting / or bla bla bla…
  • Are ready make lasting changes to your health and lifestyle.
  • Want to learn the answers to optimal health, once and for all!
This is totally me! Sign me up!


I can't thank you enough for empowering me to help myself be healthier. I never,  ever thought that:

a) I needed to lose nearly 1.5 stones or
b) that it could happen so easily, just by forming new, healthy habits.

I now miss my smoothies in the morning when I don’t have them and I definitely have more consistent energy levels through the day. Thank you again.
Thank you. Really. I am so glad I did this programme.  I have learned quite a bit about myself and enjoyed the journey. 

The biggest thing that worked for me is the weekly check-ins and accountability. It's not a fad diet but instead a changed mind set.  I am at the lowest weight I have been in 15 plus years and healthiest. 

Thank you Melita Fitness for helping me gain control of my body.


Why is it called PHI?

It's PHI because we generally run it Pre or Post a Holiday...  As in Pre / Post-Holiday Intensive Nutrition Programme... It seemed clever at the time! lol

And while we're on the subject it's PHI as in the Greek letter. So PHI as in "Tie" or "Sigh"...

I haven’t got time to cook a meal from scratch every evening. What can I do?

The feedback so far has been that the recipes are easy to follow, tasty, not complicated and don’t create mountains of washing up!

Plus, all the recipes have the “time required” info. So, check this out when you’re planning. Most recipes are 20 minutes or less.

Another strategy is to bulk prepare your meals and freeze up portions for days you know you will struggle with cooking. 

What does this course consist of? What will I have to do?

The Programme is 8 weeks long. Every week a new Chapter will be released which will require some reading, some thinking and perhaps some Homework...

In total, I expect you should spend 30 minutes or less per week on these aspects of the course.

Additionally, you will need to set aside some time for planning your meals, shopping and preparing your meals. 

I have food allergies / food intolerances / a fussy child / children / husband? What can I do?

Again, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive that the recipes are child and husband friendly. But use common sense: if you / your child / your husband doesn’t like curry / fish / whatever, swap the recipe with something similar that uses similar portions or main ingredients that you all like. 

Similarly for allergies and intolerances, try to figure out a swap. Fish, chicken and turkey are sensible swaps for each other. Potatoes and rice are good swaps for pasta or bread. Nuts can be omitted.

If you need additional help, please let me know.

about me

Hey there. I'm Chris. 
I've been in fitness and nutrition for nearly 12 years. I'm also mum to two adorable, little terrors Elsa (8, going on 18) and Nina (nearly 6). So I truly understand the challenges that many mums face when it comes to getting healthy and losing weight.  

Spending hours in the kitchen or at the gym simply isn’t an option when you’re juggling a million and one things. So our driving force is to make being healthy: practical, effective and fun.